Do you remember when you first decided to write a book?

For me, it was during college after a mind-blowing writing course in the mountains of Utah with sci-fi master Brandon Sanderson.

After that, I knew I wanted to write a book people would read — and hopefully buy!

The only problem? Planning a novel was driving me crazy:

  • I had notes all over the place (Google Docs, Notes app, pieces of paper, etc.)
  • Outlining with existing tools was so rigid and hard to manage when story elements needed to change — and things always need to change!
  • It felt like my brainstorming and planning process got in the way of actually writing, or I didn’t plan at all and I ended up rewriting over and over.
If you’ve experienced this yourself, you know just how exhausting this can be…

Finally, a friend in my writing group where I worked suggested a solution I instantly loved: a visual tool for planning stories.

I’m a software engineer by trade, so I got to work!

Plottr was born just around the time I was writing my fifth book, Pizza Planet (a young adult novel inspired by my kids).

Since launching in 2017 (and relaunching in 2020), Plottr has helped 15,000+ authors plan their books, reducing the amount of time it takes to reach that glorious The End.

Here are just some of the ways Plottr helps me get more writing done — as well as bestselling authors like Michael Anderle, Celia Kyle, and many more:

  • Visually organize your scenes and plot lines.
  • Organize your notes in one place, including character and location details.
  • Automatically generate outlines you can export when writing.

If you want an easy way to organize your writing quickly and visually — without getting in the way — Plottr is for you.

Whether you’re a professional author or you’re just getting started, I can’t wait to hear how Plottr helps you publish your words and grow your writing career.

To your success!

Cameron Sutter

Founder, Plottr